Throwing Everything at the Wall

All my life I’ve been told to throw everything that I have at the wall of life and see what sticks. I approached my application to CR the same way. I never actually thought in my wildest dreams that I’d be one of the few people actually journeying to places that I’ve dreamt of visiting my whole life.

I must confess, when I originally applied for this experience, I had no idea what it entailed. I was mostly excited for the opportunity to experience new cultures and different civilizations than what I am used to. I enjoy my comfort here in the United States very much and I like making sure events in my life are planned out with strict guidelines. But by applying to CR, I wanted to challenge myself to be more open to the possibility of venturing outside my comfort zone. So, with a tentative hand, I submitted my application.

I was laying in bed, enjoying the first few days of winter break when I had the urge to check my school email. I don’t know what prompted me to do so (probably my mind telling me I should be doing school work) but I am glad I did. There it was, the reply to my application. I opened it, already doubting my chances, and read the email. It took about 5 times of reading the email thoroughly to fully grasp what I read. To my absolute excitement, I had been chosen. My adrenaline pumped so hard that I could barely sleep that night. It took every ounce of me to contain my excitement when I told my family the next morning. I practically shouted at them that I would be traveling to Europe over the summer. Like I said, I was mostly excited to traverse through foreign countries, to eat delicious food, and to see the beautiful art. It wasn’t until later that I started meeting the people that I would be traveling with and I can now say simply traveling is not what I’m most excited for. It’s the people, these people that will push me out of my comfort zone. The Europe is only the conduit through which I will be challenged. I can’t wait to grow with my fellow familia members.

By throwing everything I had at the wall, I finally have an opportunity to experience the places of my dreams, and I have the opportunity to grow and dig deeper as an individual to find my identity in this global civilization. I can do this through the strong bonds I will make with my familia who I know will push me to grow.

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