lost in community

February 17th, 2017. While visiting TCU, over purple potatoes and horned frog butter, Dr. Pitcock talked about an adventure from the past summer where he took students to Europe. Hearing a story of students taking the wrong train, I saw community and adventure. I had experienced students’ community on campus that weekend, and this story again rang true of students who deeply cared for each other and even traveled to Europe together. Enthralled by the explorations and adventure that awaited if I came to TCU, I chose TCU, and in the back of my head I thought I could potentially go on that trip as a cool study abroad option.

Fast forward to September 2017, a new freshman on campus, I learned community is something you have to work hard for and something that comes with time and vulnerability. I also learned that Cultural Routes was the experience I heard about at the dinner in February, and it was not just my choice of going, but a highly desired, selective experience that truly was not up to me to be a part of. Bummer. But I could still apply!

I did not think I was going to get to be a part of CR, so I kept that thought far away and truly wasn’t even thinking about it over Christmas break. But on a Sunday morning, I got a snapchat from a friend asking if I had heard anything about CR, I opened my email on my phone, and promptly stood up, started jumping and screaming and breathing quickly, definitely freaking my parents out. I couldn’t believe it, and I could not be more thankful to be a part of this group! Also, the hype video from the CR students before us, wow. I am so excited to get this opportunity!

Back home, I had an amazing community, filled with deep relationships where we all knew each other, grew each other, and stood by each other through the thick and thin. Community and deep relationships mean so much to me, which is one of the reasons I applied to CR. I also LOVE adventuring! Exploring new places, trying new recipes, and pushing the boundaries are things I love to do! CR encompasses all of these! With this, I really enjoy loving people well, especially people that are already my friends and that I share deep relationships with. I hope to become close friends with all the amazing people on CR. But with being good at loving my current friends deeply, I tend to fall short at starting deep, new relationships, especially when people seem to already have their lives and groups together.

Through CR, I hope to learn how to relate and better love people that are so different from me, learning how they want to be loved and how they do life best. I’m also so excited to explore Europe together and create life-long friendships! Every single person on CR is so beyond amazing, and they’re so cool! I’m so thankful we get to do life together! I hope to be lost in community with them. The kind of lost when you look at your friendship it may not make sense why you’re so close, but you just love each other so well because you respect them, see their beauty, and desire the best for them in everything.

Being all-in, 24/7 is the way I desire and strive to live everyday. So here’s to learning how to better be all-in, all the time together.

With love,

Lauren Rasmussen

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