Interlaken, Here We Come.

For starters, I think I lucked out on the cookie picking because Interlaken makes my heart skip a little bit when thinking about going there. When I think about Interlaken, I immediately think: Swiss Alps. Growing up, I have always had a desire to be in the mountains. From age three my parents put me on skis and it was game over ever since. On of my favorite quotes “The mountains are calling, I must go” by Jon Muir just about sums up my desire to always be there. I’m not sure if it was growing up in the middle of corn fields and flat land that pushed me towards this love but I can certainly say my fellow CR10 friends will see me light up the second we arrive in Interlaken (not that thats not going to happen elsewhere, but you get the point). The mountains have always put me in a state of awe, a state I know has everything to do with God. It puts you in awe of His power and creation and then He lets you explore all over it!

I would like to consider myself a pretty adventurous person, it’s rare I say no to trying new things. Through research and word of mouth from previous CR adventurers, I can safely conclude that Interlaken is going to be nothing short of a adventure. However, this haven on the trip, along with the others, is not all about the sight seeing. “It’s not about the destination, its about the journey”, as cliche as it sounds, I cannot think of a truer statement. We are headed to multiple different destinations throughout the experience, but the real objective is to pushed outside of our comfort zone and to grow during the journey.

I had the privilege of spending time with Matt Williams and asking him questions about his experiences in Interlaken. It was very insightful, however, I am quite nervous more than anything. Matt honed in on the adventurous aspects including hang gliding, ski diving, water rafting without a raft (thats how he described it), mountain biking, and hiking. All good things, correct? I would agree too, like I said adventure does not scare me, but I’ll tell you what does: heights. Matt informed me about a beautiful hike that they embarked on on CR9. This hike however, involves a chain link bridge that is over nothing so you can see directly through it and then it leads into a tube that you can see through. I have seen pictures, it is very real; my heart is racing just typing about it. Needless to say, my deathly fear of heights will either allow for incredible growth or the breaking of someone’s hand while I’m holding it in fear, I am hoping for the first. I know with a skiing background it does not make much sense, but trust me it does not make sense to me either. I think it will be nearly impossible to get my on the bridge so hopefully there is an alternative option (please Dr. P I am begging), but like I said, LOTS of growth in store.

One important piece that Matt really wanted me to mention was his excursion to Mont Blanc, a luxury store in Interlaken that Dr. P brought him to. While they were there, Dr. P taught him how to act professional enough to have the Mont Blanc employees let him test out their pens. After testing, they proceeded to tell the worker that they needed to “discuss their options” and then walk out the store. I would love to learn the art of this as well and do expect to take a visit at Mont Blanc.

That said, I am very excited to go to Interlaken and Matt did a phenomenal job of informing me about the wonderful time CR9 had there; he even said if he could pick a spot to go back to, Interlaken would be it. If he were to go back, he would have gone up to Harder Kulm, where it’s peak looms over Interlaken off a viewing platform as it looks over Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. He advised me to take this trip, regardless of my height fears, since he shared that fear with me. However, my goals for Interlaken are very much so relationship based. Since it is mid-trip I think it is the perfect timing for the adventure portion. After long plane rides and two cities, we will have a good insight on each others personalities but certainly we will have much more to learn. It will be enjoyable to do out-of-the ordinary activities and grow in a more active way during the experiences. I know I have some personal growth and fears to conquer when arriving in Interlaken and I’m sure I’m not the only one with some type of height fear (I hope). I hope to be able to rely on my CR10 group to help me move past my fear to achieve the greater ending in mind. In return, I want to be a person they can rely on to help them through the difficult obstacles of the trip. To make the most of this stop, I really want to challenge myself to not say no. To go and do everything I can in the time being because this is a once on a life time opportunity. More importantly, I want to ensure I am doing these adventures with everyone and spending time with each person to get to know them on a deeper level. All in all, I could not be more excited to be in Interlaken and I look forward to blogging about my incredible growth during the journey.

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