Interlaken: Seeing the Natural World in a Different Way

Interlaken is perhaps the place I am most excited to visit on CR10. From mountains to a beautiful freshwater lake, it has everything a nature lover can enjoy. After speaking with some CR alums, I know that in Interlaken we will have a unique chance to explore God’s creation like we never have before, and rumor is we might be hang gliding or jumping from a plane to get a better view. Whatever it holds, I am so excited to visit here, as I find that through nature we can learn more about the world we live in, and we learn about who we are as people through how we interact with the natural world. I am ready to learn more about myself through learning about nature.

As a Biology major, I have had the unique opportunity to learn about plants in this second semester of my freshman year. My knowledge about plants is only very superficial, as it was just one unit in Introductory Biology II, but don’t doubt that I will be out there hiking in Interlaken trying to see angiosperms and gymnosperms, all types of mosses and ferns, and let’s not forget the aquatic plants! Honestly I should just bring out my textbook to help identify all those species of plants. All joking aside, I am really excited to take to the trails along the Swiss Alps and learn more about nature as I hike through one of the most beautiful places on earth. And on an even deeper level, I cannot wait to earn the highest of all achievements: a solid Chaco tan!

I’ve always found myself as one that connects to nature really well, and I have a unique passion for mountainous landscapes. My family has taken summer vacations to Colorado ever since I was young, so to me, the mountains bring back memories of love and happiness. I remember fishing with my dad and grandad for rainbow trout in the stream by our campsite, or rafting down the Rio Grande fishing for browns with the almighty Panther Martin lure on my line (I swear to you that lure catches anything that swims). I plan to tap into these emotions when we visit Interlaken, and hopefully I can find myself connecting deeper with the world, with my peers on the experience, and with myself. I know that Dr. Pitcock will push me and my fellow CR students to be the best versions of ourselves while on this experience, and I can’t wait to see what Interlaken has in store for us all while we face the challenges of CR and work to overcome them in this amazing place in Switzerland that pictures cannot fully encompass the beauty of. We will hopefully see nature differently, see each other differently, and see ourselves differently. I have nothing but high hopes for Interlaken.


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