The Walking in Between

“Life is not the mountaintops, it’s the walking in between.”

A quote by one of my favorite artists, Ben Rector, which describes a physical picture of Interlaken, as well as what I want to gain from my time there.

Interlaken means “between lakes”, because of its positioning between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. It is surrounded by the beautiful Bernese Oberland, turquoise waters, and a spirit of adventure facilitated by the extreme sports offered. Kate McDonald talked about the large amount of time spent outside in Interlaken amidst the beauty that cannot be fully captured with a camera. She also told me about the opportunities for thrilling adventure with canyoning, skydiving, hiking, and paragliding. Almost every person I ask about Interlaken immediately responds with, “you’re going to LOVE it!!!” I’m not exactly sure why, but because of that, Interlaken is the place I am most excited to experience.

I am always looking for a new adventure, whether it’s a late night run to Whataburger, a last minute decision to drive to Baylor to hear Bob Goff speak, or a ride on the front of a white water raft at frog camp (before being thrown into the icy water). So, initially, I focused solely on Interlaken’s spirit of adventure and the thrilling opportunities I would have there. However, I want to challenge myself to focus on more than just the adventures in Interlaken. I want to make the most of the walking in between in this town between two lakes because life is more than the most exciting moments.

We will arrive in Interlaken in the middle of CR. I don’t want to get caught up in only living for the big moments of CR such as paragliding, the Colosseum, the leaning tower of Pisa, and Dachau, to name a few. While these are huge mountaintops I am excited for, I want to make the most of the small things as well. The small conversations on trains, laughs shared by the group, and even the hard moments where we need each other as support. Life is more than just the big moments; one word of encouragement, a beautiful sunrise, or a thought-provoking conversation can stay with someone forever.

Kate also mentioned that Interlaken was a good time to rest and bond between the heaviness of Germany’s history and the grand finale in Italy. In Interlaken, I hope to see the mountaintops of life (literally and figuratively), but also capture every moment in between and use it for growth.

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