Ch Ch Ch Changes

48 hours stands between us and the moment we take off to an experience of a lifetime. Only 48 hours until I somehow prove to everyone that I can break my trend of being an “over-packer” and fit 3.5 weeks’ worth of stuff into my medium-sized suitcase. My outlook on CR has metamorphosed from being simply a trip (lol Dr. P don’t hate me) to truly being an experience of a lifetime, with some of the brightest people alongside. A myriad of emotions are whirling through my head as the clock ticks down closer and closer and closer. I am exceedingly excited to put in the simplest terms; but nevertheless, a small part of me still remains anxious for the process that is about to ensue.

Change and I have always had a love-hate relationship. As much as I can pretend I love to explore and discover and adventure, I am naturally a homebody who loves things to stay the same, in their place, and stagnant just for my liking. Familiarity and I are well-acquainted friends. Whether it be my mom rearranging my room or Starbucks changing their menu, change just makes me uneasy. Consequently, newness terrifies me. As many times as I can jam along to David Bowie’s “Changes” and belt out the words, I am just not a fan of change—fake fan alert. But the more I mature, the more I am learning that newness is what grows who I am.

The growth that we all will experience on CR is what both excites me and scares me the most. Funny how one thing can live on opposite extremes of the spectrum. I am excited to grow in knowledge, grow in community, grow in character, grow in culture, grow in emotional (and hopefully physical) strength and a multitude more. What scares me is the unfamiliarity that growth might gift me (don’t we all just love substandard presents). Sustained growth is an uncomfortable process, but that’s exactly what makes it work.

My goal for CR is to be uncomfortable and to be completely and utterly ok with that. I think it’s time that comfortability and I break off our deep-hearted relationship. Relinquishing my trepidations starts this very moment as I tell myself that I WILL find my terminal and WILL NOT get lost in the airport. I also am hoping that our team can grow a bond that pushes one another to be the best versions of themselves (cliché, love it) and make some rad memories along the way. I firmly believe that people help people; friends sharpen friends. Memories are what shape our existence and alongside each other, we could make some good ones. Our team has stellar potential—now let’s reach it.

Despite it all, I know that I am ready; I know that this process will be a wild ride and I know that not an ounce of me will ever regret it. See you all there CR10!!

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