Embracing the Unexpected

Wow. Just two days before I make the big hop across the Atlantic to start the journey of a lifetime. The thoughts and emotions running rampant in my mind can barely be contained. I am incredibly excited to forge new bonds with my fellow familia members by challenging ourselves and struggling on this new adventure. Many are excited for certain cities and the sites we will have the opportunity to experience. Initially I think I was most excited for the places we were going to as well. However, after learning more about the experience, I just can’t wait to get lost. It sounds weird I know, but I really cannot wait to get lost, and work with the group to get back on track. Along with my excitements and anticipations, however, I do have apprehensions. While I am excited to make new connections with my familia, I am going to miss my family and friends a lot. It will definitely be hard not having access to them, but that will be something I will be able to get used to. I am also worried for the amount of work this experience will require. Of course, I am not saying that I think this journey should be without its hardships and work, I am just apprehensive about the physical toll this experience will take on all of us. But this is only a minor concern of mine because I know we will all be able to motivate each other when we may be feeling exhausted or worn out. I hope that we as a group will be able to overcome all of our apprehensions with the help of our familia members so that we will grow closer to each other and create a support system that we can all rely on in the future. A goal for myself that I would like to reach for is opening myself up more to people and trusting that even when everything doesn’t go according to plan, whether that be on our journey through Europe, or our journey through life, there are always people I can rely on. I hope that my familia will become those people I can alway count on.

I am beyond excited to touch down in Berlin in 2 days, and I am looking forward to embracing the unexpected on our journey.

Until next time, from across the world,

Nishanth Sadagopan

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