Final Blog Post PRE-CR10

Holy moly… We’re so close–literally three days away from being in BERLIN–and it is truly hitting me now. A couple weeks ago, with finals and theatre juries staring me in the face, I didn’t have a whole lot of time (or the mental capacity) to fully grasp that CR was actually about to happen. Well, now I’m sitting in my home in Georgia, thinking about all that I need to pack and how else to prepare for this adventure. IT’S HAPPENING.

Honestly, I think my greatest anxiety about CR10 at this point is about packing. I’m pretty sure everyone knows that person who packs 50 t-shirts but forgets toothpaste… That would most definitely be me. Thus, to avoid as much unnecessary packing trouble as possible, I am making sure to sit down with my parents and go through each item I’m brining. I am also using the recommended packing list we were given at one of the CR10 meetings, so I should be good to go. I know I’ll probably forget something, we’re just hoping that something is not my passport or the sorts.

I’m also a little bit anxious about Interlaken… I must say, I am quite the thrill seeker when it comes to outdoorsy things/jumping off of tall things, but the prospect of skydiving or hang-gliding is intimidating me. I have never experienced anything of this kind, and I’m so so SO pumped–especially after consulting some past CRers about this–but the thought of potentially jumping out of an AIRPLANE is giving me butterflies.

A goal for myself for CR10 is to live in the moment. To press into the ups and downs of the PRESENT MOMENT, because I believe that’s the best route to growth. I tend to mentally plan ahead for the “next big thing,” so I’m hoping to learn to let that go and enjoy the beauty of the “now.” Regarding this particular experience, I hope to be present in each city and not anticipate what is to come so much that I am not fully enjoying where I’m at. With that in mind, NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO WORRY ABOUT JUMPING OUT OF AN AIRPLANE. Dr. P, if I start talking about that, you have permission to chastise me. But seriously, I want to enjoy and learn from people and places one city at a time!

I am also hoping CR10 teaches me how to be alert and intuitive, even in the face of uncertainty and unfamiliarity. As we walk about these new cities and experience an abundance of new things and people, I hope to be able to acknowledge my emotional and mental states enough to give myself grace and then let go of myself, in order to fully experience all that is around me. With an open and perceptive mind, I aim to fully immerse myself into each culture regardless with how unfamiliar I may be with my surroundings.

This is gonna be good!!! Here’s to pressing into the now and making sure all of the essentials end up in my suitcase!


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