Letting Go

What if? The question that I often ask, even though I know that no good will come of it. While asking this question allows for preparation… it can also send me to the point of no return by intensifying my fears.
What if I don’t pack the right things?
What if my connection is late at the airport?
What if my international power adapters don’t work?
What if I don’t take full advantage of each moment on CR?
I realize it’s only human to be a bit nervous about the unknown. Many travelers get a little anxious before a big trip. And in my brain, I know that this is a colossal waste of time, yet I still worry.
Letting go of these “what if” scenarios is one of my personal goals for CR. I want to live each day to the fullest and not focus on what might happen, rather what is happening now. Letting go of this question can allow me to seize each moment on this experience.
This is where the Familia comes in. In just the few months since meeting them, I have already come to respect them in so many ways. I can tell I can watch their example of seizing the moment and not letting themselves get wrapped up in things that may not go as planned. Letting go does not mean I do not have expectations for myself and CR as a whole. Letting go just means to allow yourself to be “all in” for CR at all times.
As I am writing this post, I am a mere 24 hours away from beginning my journey to Berlin, where we will officially begin. My first blog post was titled “65 Days” and it seems crazy to me that time has flown by so quickly. I know that CR will, sadly, seem to go by just as quickly as those 65 days did. That is exactly why I want to live fully in every second of every day and to not leave CR thinking, “I wish I had done that.”
I am somewhat nervous, just because I am entering into the somewhat unknown. But that same unknown is also what I find most exciting about CR. While we all have goals and expectations, we truly cannot plan what is going to happen, and that is perfectly okay. In fact, I think that is where the most memories are to be made.
As Robert Eliot says “Rule number one is, don’t sweat the small stuff. Rule number two is, it’s all small stuff.” What will happen on this experience, planned or not, is just a part of what makes CR10 what it will be.
In a short 24 hours, we will all start to make our way overseas. “What if” the journey of a lifetime is on the horizon? (But of course, we know that’s true)
See you all in Berlin!

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