From the moment I found out I was going on CR10, I had been counting down the days. However, with finals and my incredible brother graduation, my inner CR hype had to be ceased for a little bit; BUT, now that that has all been accomplished, the hype is back and bigger than ever. We leave for this experience, not a trip, experience, in one day. I cannot believe that I have the opportunity to spend three and a half weeks in Europe with some of the most incredible students at TCU, whom will soon become great friends of mine. I am most excited to really dive deeper into the lives of others and get to learn more about their background, their passions, and what makes them, well, them. Along with the incredible people, I am extremely excited to be immersed in the new cultures and even some that are already familiar. Each will have a new learning component that will help me grow intellectually and as a person. There is so much outside of our TCU bubble and our country that I have yet to experience and I cannot think of a better way to be taught about that world than CR.

I would be lying if I said I was not nervous about embarking on this adventure, but it is certainly exciting nerves, and maybe some nerves about my bag being overweight. My main fear on this trip is my luggage getting lost which may sound irrational for some people, but I experienced this first hand during Frog Camp and I would really prefer if it didn’t happen again. My other fear is my emotional state at some points during the trip (possibly). Before anyone freaks out, this combination is deadly for me but I am pretty sure no one is at the top of their game when they are these two things, or even just one of these two things. Hungry and tired. For me, the first one is a struggle. For some reason it is just about impossible for me to function without food, however, I know this full well (so does my family, just ask them) so I will take extra precautionary measures and bring extra granola bars with me in my bookbag wherever we go. CR10, I vow to be the best team member I can be, and I thank ya’ll in advance for the incredible adventures and loving me through my very possible low moments in the trip. I could not be more excited to meet everyone at Starbucks in Rome. Just kidding Dr. P, I know it’s Berlin. CR10, I can’t wait to spend this next month with you. There is no other place or people I would rather spend this time with, so I say let’s make this the best CR yet. See you in Europe!

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