Wheels Up

CR has quickly changed from a cool study abroad I wanted to apply for to an experience I am losing sleep over because I’m too excited to fall asleep…this lack of rest may pose a problem when we have 0 time to sleep over the next couple of weeks, but I guess we’ll find out soon! My bag is fully packed, but it is still difficult to comprehend that this really starts tomorrow. I feel like it won’t hit me that CR is happening (and not a figment of my imagination) until we meet up in Berlin!

Some of my biggest fears for CR are: dragging around my suitcase, lack of growth, the airplane food, inability to make connections with people, insensible shoes, not dancing for 3.5 whole weeks (though I promised one of my teachers I’d take a few exotic arabesque pictures, and I’ll probably end up dancing in some way or another anyway), and getting kidnapped. Some are reasonable, some aren’t, but all are fears nonetheless.

Some of my biggest excitements for CR are: growing in my faith (I can’t wait to see how my perspective of God gets bigger the more of His creation I get to see and His people I get to meet…and Lauren and I made a pact to have Jesus-time every day), making best friends, seeing the world, going skydiving, learning more about myself and others, eating some dang good food, and learning more about how historical events have impacted us.

I’m trying to suppress my expectations (without suppressing excitements) for anything on CR—I know it will be wildly different from anything I could think up, so I’d like to go in with fresh eyes and an openness that might be restricted if I go in with an idea of what I want. As far as expectations for after CR, I’m so excited to be a part of the Familia and continue getting to know CR alums, in addition to welcoming CR11! I’m also looking forward to seeing how my life will look different after everything I experience in Europe, whether it be in how I view/treat myself, others, or the world. I absolutely love how this will be more about experiential learning rather than classroom learning—as much as I love and see the value of learning in a classroom setting, there are many things you can only learn by seeing, touching, tasting, smelling, & listening.

My flight leaves in less than 12 hours. That’s so hard to wrap my mind around, but I am beyond ready to be all-in. In Dr. P’s closing words from our last meeting, “See you in Berlin.”


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