Berlin: Day One Update and Photos

Sixteen students safely found their way to Berlin today. That is phenomenal news. We faced/are facing some challenges. We have one lost bag (hoping tomorrow brings good news on that front). Two students came to Berlin after taking a forced departure to Istanbul, Turkey (a CR record for longest flight time and oddest route to Berlin). Olivia W is rocking the TCU Instagram with wit and creativity; she will continue this tomorrow.

We shared dinner at a famous “balhaus” in Berlin, which means we ate well and then danced with a number Germans. The building where we ate and danced is one of the oldest in Berlin and survived WWII.

Alll seem happy and excited for tomorrow, our first full day of exploring Berlin. I suspect students will start posting some responses after tomorrow’s events, but for now you can enjoy the following gallery. If you click on the image, you can see the gallery in a larger format.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Berlin: Day One Update and Photos”

  1. So glad to see all of you are enjoying the wonders of Berlin!
    Much to see, do, and learn!!
    You’re in good hands with Dr. P!!

    Have fun! 🤗

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