A description of berlin from Sam, a Brit who gives tours of Berlin. I liked this word and it made me think. I believe that it holds true for many aspects of Cultural Routes thus far.

Sam explained Berlin as higgledy-piggledy as in a hodge podge of buildings. there isn’t a consistent architecture or design throughout the city, but rather due to the Berlin bombing, the city was reconstructed in different styles. I also think that berlin is a higgledy-piggledy of people and ideas. There are lots of different ideas and values in berlin and all are celebrated. There is a rich history in Berlin that is hard to fully understand through facts and textbooks. Only when we experienced the monument for the murdered jews, and i ran my hand against the Berlin wall, looking up at its ominous height, and saw the faces of those killed between the walls that the wheels began to spin in my head. Berlin maintains diverse ways to remember its history and celebrates diverse ideas.

My group is such a higgledy-piggledy. Shoutout to team charlie (whoop whoop!) I have truly loved running around Berlin heel clicking with y’all. We truly have a knack for getting lost / sidetracked and finding a true gem. Yesterday we found a slide in the Berlin Mall after Jake Lynn decided to steer us inside. Today we bought matching Ampelmann socks at the store we had been looking for all day after getting off at the wrong stop on the S-Bahn. we also found three world clocks yesterday before finding the one true world clock we were looking for. We have ran for trains and heel clicked throughout Friedrichstrasse. These pit stops and diversions are all part of the adventure, and have made us all closer to one another. I see Jesus in all of them, in their smiles and laughter and also their thoughtful, wise reflections. I have learned thus far in Berlin to embrace the higgledy-piggledy of life, and see the beauty within diversity and uncertainty.

We have walked a full marathon in two days and i cannot wait to walk many more- until next time, olivia.Z

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