Hello friends, I apologize that this post is a little late and will look out of place, but I was having some computer issues. Here is my pre-reflection before the trip:

Wednesday, May 16th; 6:00am Dublin, Ireland – Let’s GOOOO!!! CR10 ARE YOU READY!!! I cannot fully express my excitement through words, so I am going to use lots of capital letters and exclamation points to compensate. Some advice I received from CR alumni was to only write blog posts when you were emotionally fired up, so that is exactly what I am doing! To be honest, it really didn’t hit me that I was travelling to Europe for nearly a month with 15 other amazing students and 2 incredible faculty members until just a few minutes ago in the Dublin airport. Reflecting on freshman year, I truly was so blessed to have such a wonderful year, but CR is truly the pinnacle that will cap off the wildest year of my entire life! I have grown so much throughout my entire freshman year, but CR will truly solidify and magnify that growth while pushing me to grow in new ways as well. CR is going to be one of the greatest yet most challenging experiences of my entire life, and I could not be more EXCITED FOR IT!

My flight over was fantastic! By the luck of the Irish, I had the best row of people on the plane! I ended up between two individuals from Missouri, a math student at Pittsburg State University, Payton, and an 8th grade math teacher who teaches in Carthage, Missouri. On the end of our row was the wise, David, the musician who seemed to have the answers to every question that we had on the flight. Talking with these people truly reminded me why I love people so much! Everyone is so UNIQUE and AMAZING in their own distinct way! This got me so AMPED for CR10 because I just cannot wait to meet and build relationships with people from across the world. I find it fascinating that even when I meet people from a different continent and what seems like a completely different world to me, I always seem to find some interesting similarity that we share. People are so incredible and one of the quotes I recently heard that I have truly tried to live by recently is “Most people aren’t most people. So get to know most people so that you can know most people!” This quote truly fascinates and inspires me to meet and try to make connections with everyone whom I meet because I truly believe that everyone knows something that you don’t, and therefore every time you speak with someone, it is an opportunity to learn something you never would’ve known otherwise.

Aside from all the new and interesting people I will meet along our journey, I am OVERJOYED to have the opportunity to build, develop, and foster genuine loving relationships with the 17 incredible individuals that make up the CR10 experience. Each of these individuals has something very important and unique that they bring to the table, something that our experience would truly lack without their presence. The exciting part is, that I have no idea what that is for each person, but I am eager to find out!

Until next time,

Jake Lynn

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