Calling an Audible

You know it’s going to be an interesting day when you have 2 minutes to get out of bed in the morning. That’s how the day started for your favorite Horned Frogs on CR10 when our train pulled into Munich’s Hauptbahnhof station this morning at 7:20. I would personally like to thank whoever opened the blinds in our little 6 bed room on the night train and shone the sun directly into my eyes. I’m being serious, because honestly without you I would probably still be on that train asleep. It was a great night on the train. We had some really good talks and I feel closer to everyone I talked with now because of it and for that I am thankful. The lack of sleep was far worth it, and I can honestly say I would do the night train again, it’s truly the European experience I know we all were hoping for. After our arousal from slumber and our sprinting out of the train, we settled down in a nice diner overlooking Marienplatz for some breakfast (side note: I tried a cappuccino for the first time this morning, and after dumping enough sugar in it to make me diabetic after one sip, I determined that coffee probably isn’t for me). After our breakfast, our lethargic selves went out into Marienplatz for the day’s activities.

So this is where it gets exciting. We were broken up into 2 groups of 8, a step up from our smaller groups in Berlin.


With them, we were given a list of sites we needed to visit for the day. Now this is where my metaphor of the audible comes in. So if you’ve ever watched football, you would know that the offense runs plays to attempt to move the ball down the field and eventually score. So a play is called in the huddle, but along with that play are back up plays called audibles that can be used if something goes awry before the play starts, like if the defense sets up to cover differently that would thwart the original play. So our list this morning was our original play, but it turns out that this particular Monday is a holiday in Munich, or something like that. So more than half of the places we were supposed to visit today were closed! So what do we have to do? Call an audible. We switched up some places with the other group and we ended up seeing Olympic Stadium and a really cool museum that went over how the Nazis rose to power using Munich as their headquarters.


We really only made it to 2 sites out of our original 6 that we were supposed to see. Some might call this a failure of a day, but actually I would call it a success.

Today was bigger than CR. Today was about doing life. In life, nothing goes by the playbook. Audibles are a daily thing that we have to utilize in order to make things work. I was proud of my group today. There was some struggling. We were all tired, frustrated at our situation, and my goodness were we hangry! But we chose to push through that and overcome some very tough obstacles like the train we needed to be on breaking, and we did everything that we could with the time and resources that we were given. In the end, the only thing you can do is your best. We will get some sufficient rest tonight (this hotel we’re in is SWEET) and bounce back tomorrow refreshed and ready to go to work! I’m excited to see where our spirit carries us around this beautiful city tomorrow. I’m thankful for the trials of today, because it is only through pressure and heat that you can turn coal into diamonds, and the pressure and heat we went through today is making us into the gems we’re meant to be. We will attack tomorrow with a smile on our face ready to face whatever challenges it will throw at us, and if we need to, we always have the audibles ready for use.


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