Full Sends Only

I have always thought of myself as an adventurer. It is pretty rare that I say no to things, but when I do, it is usually because one thing holds me back. Throughout my life, I have built up a pretty significant fear of heights. Ladders, bridges, and stairs with holes in them just about bring me to tears every time.  So, this next part, coming from the girl who cannot walk to the second floor of the Apple store because the stairs are made of glass, is going to come as quite a surprise to all of you, as it did me.

Canyon jumping. I have always been a mountain girl, so this adventure seemed quite fitting for me, but I had no idea what was in store. First of all, we went on the beginner level so I can’t even imagine what the expert was going to be like. We were repelling off cliffs, jumping off 14 foot rocks, and rock sliding down a canyon. Repelling was my first face off with my fear of heights. I repeatedly told our guide to not let my hand go and that he was not holding the rope tight enough. He proceeded to drop me anyway and I am very glad he did. One thing conquered made the rest come easier and easier. With only a few hesitations throughout the course, I finished canyon jumping with a smile that went ear to ear. Our group absolutely crushed it and we even made some new friends from South Carolina along the way.  With our adrenaline running high, we felt like we could do just about anything in that moment. I was quite excited for the later half of our day because of my adrenaline high, but as soon as that high came down, the nerves kicked in for the craziest thing I was ever going to do in my entire life.

Skydiving. No, not just skydiving. Skydiving in the Swiss Alps, in Interlaken, Switzerland. I never in a million years would guess that I would skydive. Especially because two days earlier, I cried going on a bridge because I could see through a tiny crack. I really cannot give you a good answer on why I chose to do this to myself, but it seemed like a one in a lifetime opportunity, so I forced myself to do it. Aside from deciding to go to TCU in the first place, this was the best decision of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better or more selfless group of people to do it with as they were constantly putting my feelings before theirs. When you come to terms that you are going to jump out of a plane and you say you aren’t nervous, YOU’RE LYING. With nerves high, these wonderful people still encouraged me and continually told me how proud they were of me. I could not be more thankful to share such an incredible experience with such incredible people.

When I met my guide, I proceeded to tell him that I was afraid of heights, hoping that he would be able to do some magical thing to make me feel better. Yeah, no, that only made matters worse. By telling him this, it opened doors to jokes about my harness being broken, how if I see the light he’ll see me there, etc. As much as he freaked me out, I knew he was an expert and I had no other choice than to put my life in his hands at that moment (He really was a great guide though, I promise). As he opened the door, I knew there was no other way down, I was going to have to skydive. The scariest part of skydiving is definitely putting your feet on the outside of the plane. I closed my eyes the during the entirety of leaving the plane and I am not ashamed one bit. I felt us flip over, my stomach facing the ground, and I opened my eyes. I saw the most beautiful picture of God’s green earth and I was soaring over it. It felt like a dream. As I was staring at His creation, I couldn’t help but be in awe of the work of His hands. As I took it all in, my mood suddenly changed. I was AMPED. I was free falling 13,000 feet in the air, in the Swiss Alps, looking at the Lord’s most incredible work…Man, I love God, HE’S SO COOL. We fell for about 45 seconds and then paraglide down to safely land. If you ever need the feeling of conquering the world or a self confidence booster, go skydiving, I promise you will receive all of those feelings. Oh, and also, I’M ALIVE!!!

Long story short, today I lived my dream day. Fears were conquered, trust was furthered, friendships went deeper (or higher, either one), and life got even better than I ever could have imagined. I am so thankful for the opportunities that have arisen from CR, I am very blessed to be here. One last shout out to the Big Man upstairs for allowing us to to explore his creation and keeping us safe while doing it.

When in Interlaken…

Full sends only.

2 thoughts on “Full Sends Only”

  1. Wow Emma…that’s so awesome that you skydived in Switzerland! What wonderful memories you will have for a lifetime! Proud of you conquering your fear. Uncle Ed really enjoyed your description of jumping….he was a paratrooper in the service in Germany and loved it. We are praying for you every day….love you bunches!❤️❤️

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    1. Thanks aunt Cindy!! I’m glad i could give uncle Ed some laughs 😉 love y’all and thank you so much for your prayers it means so much to me!! Miss you!


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