Bird Can’t Fly in the Cage

Remember Ausgang?

Well, I did the ultimate Ausgang yesterday.

I jumped out of a plane voluntarily.

Before the ultimate leap, our group spent what felt like an eternity at the Skydive Switzerland warehouse, waiting and watching. Every time I saw that small plane make its ascent into the vast sky and release miniscule specks one by one that were barely visible to the naked eye, I became increasingly trepidatious. That speck was the lives of two humans and that speck was free-falling.

But, if I want my life to be a wild, crazy adventure, then I just had to step out of my sphere of comfortability and take leaps (specifically out of airplanes). So, suit on, harness tightened, and expert-man behind me, I stepped into that sketchy airplane and refused to look back.

I did look down though.

And as I looked down I saw the city of Interlaken from the eyes of the birds. I saw the peaks and valleys and houses and businesses and clouds and sun all in one frame. The Creation stunned me; the earth was pulsing with life. And what was I thinking about in this very moment, as I peered down? my tenth-grade English class.

This class was agonizing to sophomoric Olivia. We had to deal with the devil of all elements of English for a whole school-year—poetry. The horror! (Little did I know, I would end up being a writing minor one day and actually enjoy poetry.) Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to appreciate Hopkin’s, “God’s Grandeur,” back then. Luckily, I am able to appreciate it now.

“God’s Grandeur” is a 19th century poem that talks about the earth and its relationship to the divine. It also talks about humanity’s negligence of that. As humans, we are exploiting the earth at a fast rate, but seeing Interlaken from 10,000 feet up, I was reminded that the whole earth is coursing with God’s vivacity. As much as I fangirl over the artwork nature is, God is the painter, and a painter cares about His creation more than a mere fan.

Fast forward to today, I was reminded yet again of Ms. Issac’s laborious English class. As we were exploring the Swiss Alps, I was only in more awe of the earth, of the sphere we were given. “The world is charged with the glory of God.” That one line kept repeating in my head. “The world is charged, the world is charged, the world is charged.” I felt it—the charge. Nature has a way of doing that. No matter how much man depletes the earth, God’s hand is still pulsing over the ground; He still prevails. No matter how much beauty man can artificially make, there’s still something unique in the natural beauty in our world. The Swiss Alps confirmed that for me. So, thanks Ms. Isaac for forcing us to meticulously dissect “God’s Grandeur.” I finally get it.


One thought on “Bird Can’t Fly in the Cage”

  1. Olivia you really are the you really are the adventure of our family I cannot believe what you did and yet how exciting for you to do the freefall and look down over the earth somewhat like a bird would probably do it really allows you to get a whole different perspective of the beautiful earth that we live on we love hearing your blogs we love sharing your adventure take care hugs grandma and grandpa

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