Go with the Flow

Alright, full disclosure: I have not been prioritizing the blog very well. This one’s been cooking for a while… But it is what it is, so enjoy!

Munich, Germany

May 25, 2018

So much has happened these past 10 (more or less) days, it seems like we’ve jammed a whole month worth of adventure into them. That being said, time has flown by, and I can’t believe we are already onto our THIRD city! Germany was a blast! I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy these two cities and learning about their culture and history nearly as much as I have. In fact, I’ve decided to learn German and move into a cottage in the mountainous part of Munich (or I guess I should say, München). Adieu, TCU… I’ve found my new home! Okay, maybe not, but I do hope to return to Germany one day and explore even more.

Thus far, the CRecaders have visited multiple memorials and museums, engaged in meaningful and intelligent conversions, contemplated the horrors of the holocaust in Dachau, walked MANY miles, eaten A LOT of bread and meat, experienced the wonders of a night train, and more. Most importantly though, we have developed some pretty awesome friendships and learned so much from and about each other. I LOVE these people and am pumped to get to know each of them even more.

I figured it’d be fun to share one of many unique stories from the experience. This kind of experience is a “you had to be there” kind of thing, but it’s worth sharing nevertheless.

Day one in Munich (May 21st) was an interesting one… Fun and exciting, but we were all exhausted from the night train and frazzled from a unique wake up call, which is a different story altogether. We were split up into two groups (go Team Neuschwanstein!) and set off to explore the city. Since it just so happened to be Pentecost that day, many of the places and things to visit on our list were closed. We decided to hit all the places we could and then take it from there. By the time we had visited everything we could, it seemed as though most of us had hit a wall, and we hadn’t eaten… Thus, a handful of hangry horned frogs searched the streets of Munich for some good grub. We ended up at an Italian restaurant, which revived our stomachs and spirits significantly. Then we decided to head over to the English Garten and watch some dudes surf the river rapids–it was pretty gnarly. After standing there for a few minutes, one of us suggested that we cross the bridge to the other side of the river and sit on the grass for a bit. The answer was a resounding YES. We picked a spot at the edge of the river and those of us who didn’t first take a bathroom break began to relax. But a thought was brewing in the minds of the few of us at the shore… That water looked especially inviting on such a warm day… And the surfers seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. Of course, we weren’t considering imitating them–that could have been disastrous to say the least. But a little dip into the rushing river wouldn’t hurt, would it?


By the time the other half arrived, the few of us were antsy to jump in and had stripped down to shorts and sports bras (I assure you, Marat and Nishu were not wearing sports bras, just in case you were curious). Needless to say, we were ready. The other four joined in and we did indeed jump into the river–the freezing cold river–one after the other, and manage to fight the current and pull ourselves back onto the ledge and then to the grass. We then laid out on the grass, some reading, others listening to music or talking. I was just thinking. It had been an odd and somewhat emotional day for me. I had fought the need to retreat and allow myself quite time. I needed this time to breathe and just think and pray. It was good. After we were mostly air-dried, we headed back to the hotel to rest before dinner.

Spontaneous adventures of this kind have been some of my favorite CR10 moments thus far. They seem to happen most when we least anticipate it.

I’ve learned it’s necessary to allow yourself to be interrupted every once in a while… There might be something awesome–and/or hilarious–waiting for you to experience.

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