Confidently Lost

By the time we made it through what seemed to be the hundredth doorframe and stepped into another ornate room displaying ostentation at its finest, Team Hohenschwangau’s minds (and attention spans) were at a bit of an overload.


Holy moly, am I glad I slept well last night, because today was a whirlwind. When Dr. P said we were hitting the ground running today, he was not lying.

Today, our group had the opportunity to discover Berlin in the eyes of its remembrance and tribute toward their doings in the Holocaust

Ch Ch Ch Changes

48 hours stands between us and the moment we take off to an experience of a lifetime. Only 48 hours until I somehow prove to everyone that I can break my trend of being an “over-packer” and fit 3.5 weeks’ worth of stuff into my medium-sized suitcase.